Dehumidification Systems

Geoflex offers an extensive product line of dehumidification or dehumidifier systems...

Geoflex proudly manufactures for the USA, Canadian and world markets, self-contained, low temperature, ice rink and higher temperature indoor pool dehumidifier or indoor pool dehumidification systems for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Dehumidifier / Dehumidification Systems are commonly used for drying of air in high and low temperature applications. Geoflex also manufactures large and small, restoration dehumidification or dehumidifiers systems, specifically made for flood clean-up and room drying. Geoflex commonly incorporates Geothermal heating and cooling along with the dehumidifier / dehumidification system. With detail consideration at the design side of the equation, Geoflex strives to offer our clients unparalleled operating performance, efficiency and economics. Geoflex dehumidifier / dehumidification systems' are primarily designed to help you protect the investment you made in your building, while maintaining the best price. Basic ventilation and heat recover ventilation systems are commonly used for pool dehumidification but are questionable solutions, at best.

Residential & Commercial Dehumidification Systems

Industrial Dehumidification Systems

  • Industrial Systems are commonly built to order, as they will offer various options which are building specific, if you have a need for such an item, please contact the factory
  • A newer type of industrial dehumidification system would involve incorporating a centralized "water to water" heating and chilling system along with a specialty dehumidifcation air handler. Please contact the factory for further details.

Dehumidification Specifications & Submittal

  • Single Step 2 to 6 ton
    024, 030, 036, 042, 048, 060, 070
  • Two Step 2 to 6 ton
    026, 038, 049, 064, 072
  • Two Stage (Single Phase) 8 to 12 ton
    096T, 120T, 140T
  • Single Step (Three Phase) 8 to 37 ton
    096, 120, 180, 210
  • Besides the extensive standard Geoflex Dehumidification Product Line, Replacement, Rebuild or a unit to exactly suit your project are welcomed!

OEM & Specialty Dehumidification Systems

  • Restoration, flood clean-up systems are available to the restoration and rental markets.
  • Geoflex can and commonly do manufacture systems which are dedicated to specifc applications c../w various options and configurartions, for such items, please dio not hesitate to contact the factory for design help and/or a quotation. Please contact the factory for further details.

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Residential Dehumidification Systems for Indoor Pools…

Indoor swimming pools and spa rooms are unique in their maintenance demands. When pool water is heated to swimming temperatures this creates a differential temperature between room and water temperature thereby creating large amounts of moisture which is released into the indoor pool enclosure. This moisture is in a sense contaminated and heavily laden with chlorine or bromine disinfectants, which will attack everything it comes in contact with. If left uncontrolled, mold and mildew will eventually permeate every inch of an indoor swimming pool facility, as well as from any adjoining structures. The costs associated with high humidity, causing condensation can be daunting and included things like...
• Mold & Mildew • Rust • Structural Damage • Rot • Dampness, • Electrical Failure • Wet Walls & Ceiling • Lumping of Power • Material Expansion • Corrosion • Fog • Extended Drying Time • Building Damage.

Geoflex Multi-functional Systems...

Geoflex indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers / dehumidification systems are designed to be multi-functional systems that can provide indoor pool room heating and cooling, as well as pool water heating, as well sending heat to any other energy transfer opportunity, without additional hardware expenses. The dehumidifier / dehumidification process is automatic, controlled by a wall mounted humidistat and in some cases a thermostat.

Geoflex Versatility...
Virtually any tonnage system will fit through a standard 80" x 36" Door...

Geoflex indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers / dehumidification systems are designed to be able to fit through a standard 80" X 36" standard mechanical room doorway, without the need to take the walls apart in tight mechanical space or a retro-fit application. The Geoflex Multi-plex design allows for one stage to be brought into the mechanical room and coupled with further stages within the mechanical room. The units are designed for and coupled once positioned. Once positioned the units would have one large return air and the stages can be operated as staged or in a parallel. By operating in staged fashion, the unit will more closely match the loading to save operating costs.

Simultaneous Heating, Cooling & Dehumidification...

Geoflex systems offer the ability to remove large amounts of moisture from humidity laden air and discharge warm dry air or cool conditioned dry air with no additional cost of energy. Doubled the benefit while maintaining a dehumidified space.

Geothermal Link Opportunity…

Using the geothermal link and the benefit of simultaneously heating and cooling (double duty) you can save up to 80% in operating costs can be achieved when compared to conventional humidity control methods or make-up air systems. Unlike some systems available, there are no complex dampers or by-pass air devices that can require continuous on-site adjustments to changing load conditions or seasons.

Geoflex Longevity...

Geoflex management have been building dehumidifier / dehumidification systems for the past 20 years, which allows for experience gained the confidence and recognition working collectively with engineers and architects. Our extensive field experience has addressed many industrial and commercial applications with proven performance and reliability. We offer you the true benefits of this experience. Geoflex is committed remain focused on lowering the cost of business for our customers while providing the best quality dehumidifier / dehumidification products!

Reducing Pool Room Energy Costs...

By controlling indoor swimming pool room humidity and room air temperature a stabilized room environment is achieved by the dehumidification system. Very little outside air, and the energy to heat or cool it, is needed. Conventional indoor pool room systems waste huge amounts of energy by exhausting large volumes of previously heated or cooled air to the outdoors. Most times the air replacing the exhausted air contains more moisture than is ideal for an indoor swimming pool room. This process destabilizes the indoor pool room causing unpleasant conditions to exist.

Geoflex dehumidification systems' primary function is to protect the investment you made in your indoor swimming pool room. Basic ventilation and heat recover ventilation systems are questionable solutions, at best. They can ultimately waste huge amounts of energy dollars and only marginally protect your indoor pool room.