Project Criteria


What you need to get started

  1. Internet Services, Email Address and Digital Camera
  2. Mechanical ventilation summary c/w heat loss and heat gain
  3. Loop design
  4. Duct design
  5. Internal piping for hydronics design c/w buffering system
  6. Internal wiring, piping and ducting illustration
  7. Note: If you would need help with some of these components, please refer to Technical page for listed resources
Materials/Services we offer for each Geoflex sale
  1. Unit plus accessories
  2. Loop tie in kit
  3. Loop pipe
  4. Corrugated pipe for through wall or under foundation
  5. Anti-freeze
  6. Technical Design Services, see Technical Page
Installation Criteria for approval
  1. Please Start File for your Project.
  2. Make sure all documentation, as listed above, is in place within file
  3. As work progresses, show representative pictures in stages
    • Pictures of corrugated piping or illustration of method to enter foundation, if applicable
    • Pictures of Trench before pipe is laid
    • Pictures of Loop trench with pipe laid and before/after back filling
    • Pictures of where Unit placement is Before/After
    • Pictures of Duct Work Before/After,Incl Existing Supply Plenum/Return Air Drop.
    • Pictures of HDPE Geo-pipe hook-up on Inside of Structure to Geo Unit.
    • Pictures of Hydronic Systems like in-floor or buffer systems,etc.
    • Finished pictures of project with all its variables
    • Documentation/picture of all external parts, illustrating...
      • Electrical panel
      • Thermostat brand and type
      • Aquastat brand and type
      • Condensate drain method
      • What unit sits on for noise isolation?
      • Insulation of piping back-up heater if external
      • Any external heating source
      • Anti-freeze levels (25 to 35%)
Once all documentation is in place and units is operating
  1. Commissioning report, as supplied in manual
    • Commissioning tools needed
    • Amperage/voltage meter
    • Temperature meter
    • Pressure gauges
    • Hydrometer could be used to assess anti-freeze level
Once all documentation is in place and unit has run for one year, a second commissioning sheet is needed, to be sure that no changes have occurred in the first year of operation.

Please send Documentation to us to review.

We will inform you of any concerns if any.

We will add 1 Year review to your Project File.


Project Design Tool Form